Friday, April 18, 2008

The New Madrid Fault is Alive and Well....

So this morning, waaaay before my alarm was to go off I was awakened - - - suddenly.

Nothing like a bit of fear to start the day off!!!! The whole house was shaking, windows rattling, bed rumbling on the wood floor. It lasted over 30 seconds. I lay there wondering WTF was that? After I could breathe, I looked out my window to see if there was a wind storm or tornado... SOMETHING to explain what happened. Nothing outside. All calm, even saw a rabbit hopping along between our house and the neighbors house.
Well hell... I was awake sense in even trying to doze off til the alarm goes off. I go downstairs, the dog is staring at me; as if to say , "what was THAT?" I turn on the radio, start the coffee....then I hear ...."well it seems that we just had an earthquake."


Uhhhh, yep. 5.2 on the richter scale. Epicenter was West Salem, IL.
The New Madrid Fault is the reason.

Effin' crazy is all I am sayin.
I know, I know... CA has them all the time; but this was my first earthquake experience, so humor me people.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

progress pics

OK, I got off my lazy ass.... presenting clues 1 and 2 of Mystic Light KAL in Dream in Color Smooshy- Lipstick Lava

clues 1 and 2 Mystic Light

This is the cafe curtain hung up...of course, being the brainiac that I am....took it into the light *duh*

I will take another one tonight, perhaps it will be better.

crochet cafe curtain

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What's a Goil to do?

What's a goil to do while waiting for new yarn to arrive for a KAL? Stash bust of course!

Realizing that I was sick and tired of mini blinds in our road facing bathroom, I made a cafe curtain. Denim Ombre kitchen cotton, and a vintage crochet pattern that I modified. I ALMOST have it perfect. I believe I will need to make another panel in order to have the folding drape to obscure the bathroom window. The photo is that of the panel drying and blocking.

bathroom cafe curtain blocking

Over Easter, also bored and bummed that I could not work on my Mystic Light KAL, I busted out some Lion Brand Homespun from the stash and made this Generic Granny! Pretty wonderful what a K hook and a week can do!

generic granny

And last but CERTAINLY not new yarn for the Mystic Light KAL!!! I had chose 2 alternate yarns and colors that I thought might work. As much as I loved my STR Rhode Island Red, the beautiful colors detracted from the lace pattern. Which quite frankly, what's the use in doing lace if you can't see it?!

The Loopy Ewe shipped SO fast! My Lipstick Lava colored Smooshy yarn by Dream in Color arrived last week. Which gave me plenty of time to get re-started on the KAL. I am happy to say that I was able to get clues 1 and 2 done before today! Which is when clue 3 is to be released. *whew* The second yarn, which was ordered from another company... has yet to even be shipped. Apparently, it is on backorder.

I will get a pic of my progress up as soon as I get off my lazy ass to take one. :o)

Dream in Color Smooshy Yarn in Lipstick Lava color

I am also working on my Blue Moon Fiber Arts Notorious Sock Knitters Club March edition. *loving it*

The children are on Spring Break here. Teen Queen and Boy Wonder are enjoying their time off from a heavily planned schedule. Boy Wonder does have a few baseball practices tossed in there, but for the most part it's all free time baby! Which for them, means ~~~VIDEO GAME TIME!~~~

Since January it's been a bit rough around here, ya know, with Rambo being told that his civilian job no longer exists. Talk about a wicked pissa!

It's never fun to be told you no longer have a job; but that damn job was nothing but a nightmare for us the entire time, good riddance! Thankfully, we still have the military. *never thought I would be thankful for that*

The time off from an endless work week and incessant traveling for no good cause for that damn civilian job has been good for us. Rambo has been able to spend some quality and quantity time with the family, which has been long overdue!