Saturday, January 24, 2009

Whew! First Post for 2009

First off..... one word


I was thrilled during elections, but the Inauguration....amazing! With it being such a significant historical inauguration, I had my kids stay home to watch it in it's entirety. The teachers flat out told them they would not be watching it. I would have assumed it would have been streamed throughout the schools...what do I know!? Granted we live in a red state, but c' matter who you voted for; this was history being made! Which brings me to a gingerbread house we saw over x-mess.....

There was a entire village of gingerbread houses. It was quite impressive! It was in Indianapolis. We took a detour on our way to IA. The trip to IA was snow filled fun! Initially, I was missing the thought of my 4x4 Chevy Trailblazer, which was traded in for a more economical car last spring. Which has been FABULOUS!!! However, the thought of snow and my lil Toyota Hybrid Camry gave me the shivers. Of course having grown up and learned to drive in snow country up in New England sure helped in how my car would perform in the snow. One stretch of highway we counted no less than 28 cars slid off the road and into the ditches. I asked Rambo (yes he was able to spend the holly-days with us...yaaay!) to check the weather on his phone, I had feared BLIZZARD... and not the fun, yummy kind from Dairy Queen! Sure enough, blizzard warning! **eeep!** At times seeing the road was damn near impossible, there was blowing snow and cars were zipping off the roads at alarming speeds. One point we were driving 20 mph on I74. Once we were on I80, the roads were in much better condition.

We ate lots of food in IA! My SIL and I made a wonderful xmess dinner. We stayed warm in the farmhouse, even though the temps were typically below zero. The coldest was -22. When it was above 0, the kids went out and played in snow drifts, building tunnels and forts. They had a blast! Time was short and before we knew it, it was time to drive home. Time flew by and then it was time for Rambo to head out again. No matter how many times we do this, it
never gets any easier.

Of course for sanity's sake I keep busy with the kids insane schedules and my yarn. In previous posts, I made flip top mittens for Boy Wonder. Well, Teen Queen had to have a pair! I finished them right before we left for IA!

While in IA, I worked on Soldier Socks for Rambo. He wanted them taller than the usual patterned instead of 12 inch legs he got 15! Took 4 skeins of yarn, but I did it!

I have since completed 2 team knit pairs and sent them in. I finished a beanie/skull cap for Rambo to wear under his kevlar helmet. Last but not least I am working on 2 more pairs of team knit soldier socks which will be sent out shortly.

Sock clubs were my gift of choice this year! I enjoyed them so much this past year, I decided to repeat it. This way, every month I am getting wonderful yummy yarn in the mail! I love surprise yarn in the mail! Of course the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rawk club will be shipping it's first edition out this month. A new sock club I joined was through one of my LSG gals; The Yarn Bearer. If you like yarn, or want to send ME YARN... please check out the link to her Etsy shoppe! This is my first skein from UberSock and it's so pretty and smooshy!

Speaking of my LSG gals.... Chile had to be chic and go bald. So, we are all making and sending her hats! It is so amazing to me that we are seen as a bunch of rough around the edges, don't give a shit kind of gals by those who scorn us LSG'rs. Yet we are a very close group, especially for an online community! Here are a couple hats I made for our girl Chile!

And last but most certainly not least....a MYSTERY SHAWL! I did my swatch for Mystic Star. If you dig on shawls, are addicted to lace knitting, or want to learn...there is still time to get in on this KAL! GO HERE for details!

Here is my swatch. Size 6 needles, Jaggerspun 2/8 color is Amethyst. The color is darker in real life, my flash washed it out. This is what I get for taking pictures at 2am!

WHEW! So... that's been my 2009 so far.
Well that, and I had a birthday in there...39 baby! Sneaking up on 40, yes I am.