Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shawls to be put on hold...due to the war

This past year I have become a Mystery Shawl addict, I am well aware of it, and it is no secret that I have a love of lace. However, I have soooo many of these KALs saved to my computer. Simply due to the fact there are not enough knitting hours in my day for lace knitting. With all the kid corralling I do, I need portable knitting. Lace is not very portable. I have many mystery lace projects in different states of done-ness (if that;s even a word). With so many lace WIPs lying about Wicked Manor, it has taken every fiber of my being to *NOT* sign up for any more lace shawl Kals, free or otherwise.

The making of Rambo's socks, I felt the need to make more! Not just for him but for others. Not just others, but other soldiers. I have been yearning to add charity knitting to my list, but had not found one I could be committed to. Then it came to me... SOCKS FOR SOLDIERS!!!

Partial Description from the site~ Socks for Soldiers, Inc.
This organization is about sending gifts of love to our soldiers in the Middle East. We are not interested in the politics in this war, but in showing support to our troops by each sending love in a special thoughtful way. When we knit a pair of socks for one soldier we are sharing part of ourselves. "Support our Troops" means more than a yellow bumper sticker.

With my Special Forces Rambo man off doing his thing for duty, honor, and country... I need to do my part. Well you know, besides running the home and kids of course!
I may not be Rosie the Riveter... but I can be Wicked, the Special Forces Sock Knitting Wife! I am passionate about this, and will be blocking off a good portion of my knitting hours to this charity.

You do not have to know or even care about the reasoning or agendas behind the war/s, you do not have to be a Democrat or like Republicans, you do not have to even know a soldier; to show those who are deployed and putting their lives on the line everyday and night that you care about them and are thankful for their duty. I have met many people who thank Rambo for what he does. I have also met many people who thank Me and the kids for what we do and endure as a military family. Support the troops means also supporting the troops families. There are families attached to those soldiers. These families who continue on with their day to day activities while their loved ones are half a world away. If you should come across a military family in your day to day activities, thank them. Offer help for anything at all. It could be something as small as mowing the lawn. It could mean much to them and one less chore on their plate. (anyone who loves painting eaves and overhangs... boy do I have a job for you!*wink wink nudge nudge*)

All joking aside. It used to really tick me off during our first war deployment, when people would give all the praise to the soldier, without even taking into consideration what the military family left behind goes through while the soldier is off fighting the fight. So many people are effected by the war deployments, and yet; so many people, day to day while out grocery shopping, or driving through Starbucks for their daily venti latte forget that we are a country actually at war.

It is not fame, glamor, power, political agendas, or wealth that made this country great, it is honor, duty, courage, and love of country.