Monday, June 30, 2008

The Wicked Can Craft For Charity Too!

A bunch of us LSG'rs over at Ravelry have decided to make some bears for the MotherBear Project! Our army of bears will ship out in January. Allowing us plenty of time to craft away.

This is my first. His name is, The Bear Without a Face. Plainly, as you can see he has no face. At least not yet!

Bear Without a Face 1st bear for motherbear Morris the Cat and Bear without a FaceMoe clearly approves!

Oh how I adore this stash!

I have had people wander into my craft/computer room and look in amazement at the amount of yarn I have acquired. They clearly have NO IDEA at the amount of yarn/craft/hobby goodness one can acquire! Possibly they are people whom have no crafty hobby of their own and think that having such a mass amount is silly. I could not imagine my life without a hobby! I have always had one. Whether it be crochet, cross stitch, cooking, knitting, potholder loom, latch hook rug/pillow kits, bead loom...this is what I can think of off the top of my head. Lots were done as a child and a few are still done now in my 30's.

I myself, do not think my yarn acquisition is all that amazing. In fact not amazing at all. Alot of it is leftovers from projects I have completed. I tend to purchase a bit more than required by the pattern. One just never know if said project needs to be bigger than the measurements, or if like me you knit/crochet tighter than gauge, therefore requiring more yarn. Some of my stash is glorious sock yarn for the various sock clubs I joined this past year. The yarn arrives faster than I can knit a pair of socks. Especially when I am engrossed in Mystery Shawl knits! Fat yarn, skinny yarn, fluffy yarn, flat yarn, sock yarn, natural fiber yarn, acrylic yarn and *GASP* even some dratted muppet fun fur yarn has even snuck it's way into the stash room! Yes, there is yarn pretty much all over my house. Well at least in every room that I spend any amount of time!

I wonder what these people would think had they seen THIS STASH!!!!
Ohhhhh the glory of this stash. Peace, quiet and absolute yarnie goodness!