Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Needles Are Clicking...Can You Hear It?

My knit 11 in 2011 (LSG11ty) has been coming right along.

4. Darkside Cowl: knit on US size 8 needles, yarn was held double strand, Naturally Caron in Country (charcoal) and Knit Picks Essential Tweed (plum). Accidentally in the end, it matched my coat pretty well. Added bonus! :)

5. Peapod Sloucher aka Blackberry Bramble as I like to call it. It's knit on US size 9 needles using carons simply soft in black. GASP! Acrylic! Whatever, I am no yarn snob. :) Equal opportunity knitter over here!

6. Forest Mr. GreenJeans Cardigan is my latest and fresh off the needles! US 8 needles and Lion Brand Wool Ease Heather yarn was used. It was knit for a friend, size medium. I hope she loves it and I REALLY hope that it fits! That's one of my stressors when knitting for others who are far away...will it fit. This is the second time I have knit this sweater and I LOVE IT. Perhaps the next one will be for me! ;) The first one was meant to be for myself, but my lovely daughter decided she liked it, so I handed it over. She is the one pictured above in my Blackberry Bramble hat...which she also swiped and now calls her own.

Not blocked and still needing the edging

All blocked out and ready for it's close-up!

Only five more projects left to go to make my 11 in 2011. I don't know who I am trying to kid, it's really no stretch for me to make that many items in a year.

In other news, Teen Queen's high school team has been practicing just about 6 days a week for months now. Games begin March 21st. Could they possibly take state this year? Only time will tell. Once school is over it's Magic time! Magic Fastpitch Softball that is! Tournaments all summer long to include a World Series.

Boy Wonder has had off season training along with some speed and agility training for Phenom Baseball. He has the honor and recognition that I would guess a very few have; he caught a bullpen session of a MLB pitcher. Not too shabby for a 14 yr old!

It's a damn good thing for my kids that I enjoy sports and spending my life at the ballfields!