Sunday, August 24, 2008

School Starts TOOOO Early Here

The kids have been in school since August 12th. It has been sheer craziness getting the supplies, clothes, orientations all organized and taken care of. Both Teen Queen and Boy Wonder are LOVING school this year.  Sure, the 'honeymoon' phase is to be expected the first few days of school.  Last year it did not even last a week.  This year, we are heading into our 3rd week and they are still over the moon about their new schools! 

However, getting used to the early morning schedule sorta sucks ass for all involved... especially with the Olympic coverage being televised so late at night.  AND... if you want to watch women's softball action; then you will be staying up until around 3am! (if you know this family, then you know that we were not going to miss softball and were absolute night owls as a result) Which is no easy feat when I have to be up and getting the kids up and ready for school.  

Busy chauffeuring them around as ever! With school, tutoring, field hockey, baseball, travel competitive softball and soon high school fall ball... games and practices, we are one very busy family! Life REALLY gets interesting when Rambo is out and about training all over the place.

Teen Queen's high school freshman field hockey team took 2nd in their first tournament of the season. Pretty great!

In between driving the kids all over, keeping up with laundry and feeding the athletes I have managed to get some knitting done.  

Ravelympics 08 FO's... Knitting for Team LSG. Events I participated in were Hat Dash and WIPs Wrestling.  I am a Ravthlete  *lol*



hat dash medal

After the Purled Beret, came the Frivol Hat for Rambo
Pattern mod: I left out the bobbles.

Frivol Hat without flash

Pattern Amanda Hat


WIP gold medal

12 point starghan complete
Completed objects = 

LSG win blog badge
Projects not even touched... = 

lsg failblg badge

Items not completed include: 2nd sock to my Crazy Monkeys at Sea (wips wrestling), Divine hat and Madly Marguerite hat. Which makes me both a winner AND a loser.
yaaay TEAM LSG 
LSG winner gold
Now, I need to get to some selfish knitting! I have yarn and pattern for a hoodie that I want to bring to CT this Autumn for reunion.