Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why, yes I have been crafting!

I totally dropped the ball on posting these!

Teen Queen wanted to be Lil Red Riding Hood, well actually Lil Dead Riding Hood. You know, after the wolf attacked! She needed a red cape. Momma to the rescue!

Taken right after it was completed. Red Boucle yarn. Crochet. No pattern, I just winged it.

Taken just before heading out for Halloween!

Next item is the Woolly Wormhead Meret aka Mystery Beret.

Work in Progress~ Yarn: Noro Cash Iroha
Completed Hat! I love it. Although, the next one I make I will do an extra clue 2 set to make it a bit slouchier. I knew I was taking a gamble since I was using yarn in my stash, rather than getting the recommended yarn.

Next up is my very first completed pair of Socks for Soldiers, Inc Socks and Beanie! I am thrilled that it took me just over a month to finish these up! I have already cast on a desert sand beanie while I await more sock yarn to arrive.

Pattern is SFS copyright, members only
Socks Yarn is Regia Stretch
Beanie is KP Essential

Freshly completed. Literally in one day. Only due to the fact they are crocheted and used thick yarn *wink*

Ribbed Scarf
(not so much a pattern as it is make a chain then SC in back loops only until desired width)
Yarn lion brand wool ease thick n quick in denim
P hook

Finally, but certainly not least...
Lion Brand Earflap Hat
Yarn ~ wool ease TQ charcoal, simply soft gray, patons classic wool merino in Autumn
Q hook

Since the weather here got chilly fast, the kids have requested the scarf and hat. Much like last year's fingerless mitts and gnomie hat. I have also cast on for convertible mitts! I hope they turn out well.