Monday, March 31, 2008

Aarrrgh! Colors vs. Pattern

Ok, here's the deal...
Another lovely KAL; because you see...I have an addiction. Mystic Light.
Here was my completed first clue...yes...was. It splashed into the frog pond last night when I realized I did not want to go on with clue 2 only to really not see the design pattern.

I was using
Rhode Island Red from Socks That Rock, it is beautiful yarn, and a dream to work with, but it's too many colors detracts from the actual shawl pattern. IMO.

I was looking at a few other choices online. Shaefer Anne has 2 colors that I like; one is Clara Barton and the other is A-52. Another color that I think may do well with this pattern is from Dream in Color (smooshy), Lipstick Lava. These all seem to be a version of semi solid dyed yarn, rather than varigated yarn.

Of course I cannot locate any of these locally. Today I scooted around town in search, only to find nothing suitable. I was hoping to get it today, so at the very least I could get re-started on clue 1 before clue 2 comes out on Wednesday. Alas, it appears I will have to be ordering online. Which means waiting for shipping...aaarrrrgh!

Which color do you like???