Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Getting Into the Swing of Things~

As many of my friends with school age kids are just starting school this week, we have begun the fourth week.

We are still not fans of waking up at the crack.

Sporting scene... 
Teen Queen~ Magic Softball has wound down until spring training for next year.  High School Field Hockey is going strong.  Runner up in the Apple Tournament, and so far undefeated in regular season play.  Season runs all the way through October 10th. 
High School Fall Ball (fastpitch softball) also begins this week.  

Boy Wonder~ Fall Ball (baseball) begins this week.  In October he will try out for his Middle School team.

Busy time again for the Wicked/Rambo family.  As we brace ourselves again for mobilization.  Here's hoping the ride is not quite as wild as last time!  Not sure how much excitement I can handle in one lifetime!

With Ravelympics over, I have been able to catch up on some regular ole knitting.  
For Halloween~ Nothing like dressing up the kitchen with some Spooky Dishcloths

Green is a bat, Orange is a Jack o Lantern, Black ones are Cat and Raven (even though it is impossible to see in the photo).  The duo color ones are called ball band dishcloths.  I have named the black and green one "franken-cloth"

I have also cast on for Terra.
It is my dream to be able to make and wear it to CT this fall.
My yarn is Beaverslide Dry Goods McTaggart Tweed in Mountain Mahogany. Unfortunately, being the tight knitter I am... my gauge is off and I have since had to frog out the ten inches in this photo!  Chatting with the designer, I will have to go up another needle size or so.  

I would rather frog it, and be able to wear my hand-knit pullover this fall. 

Below is some lace knitting!  Secret of the Stole 3.  
Size 3 needles circular of course, yarn is knit picks shimmer; color is called cumulus and I am using silver lined crystal clear beads.

Close up of the stitches and beads, using flash.