Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Newest Obession!!

Being the Wicked Happy Homemaker that I am...I have discovered that I do not own enough APRONS!

Yes, you heard me.... I said.... A P R O N S.

I have always loved the tvs shows of the 1940's and 1950's. Puttering about in the kitchen, making home baked and home cooked goodness. Very comforting to me. While I do not wear my high heels and pearls while cooking, aprons are quite useful! I have ruined far too many shirts to mention by splattering foods and or grease stains. Being a good cook does not mean one must be a tidy cook! Never trust a stain free cook... or a skinny cook for that matter!

One of my newest bloglines additions is THE APRONISTA!!! They often have fabby giveaways. This time it is a Originals by Lauren Giveaway. My fave apron is the plus size Michael Miller apron. It has fruit and bottles of wine. Very Tuscany if you ask me. Of course I am a huge fan of the Retro aprons as well!

Who knows...one of these days I may have to try the high heels and pearls with my aprons to complete the look!