Thursday, May 29, 2008

Boy Wonder hits first Grand Slam Homerun!

Well it was just a matter of time!

Boy Wonder has had an affinity for baseball since he was 18 months old. He once batted a dozen eggs around the kitchen with a wooden spoon. So proud of himself; he exclaims, " I WHACK the ball Momma!" I say, "Yeeees, you did."

He has been playing baseball since forever in the local recreation league. He has not yet shown any interest in joining a travel competing team; as Teen Queen does with softball. Last year he hit quite a few out of the park homeruns, it was his first year in Jr Baseball (kid pitch). The year before that, he hit a few out of the park in machine pitch. This year he has hit MANY out of the park homeruns and the season has just began. 1 game he hit THREE out of parkers, a week later he hit 2 in one game. A first on both occassions for us. Well, last night for the first time, the bases were juiced and ready to go. His teammates jumped off the bench, cheered for him and were VERY excited that he would have a chance to do a grand slam. He hardly ever gets more than 2RBIs on a homer, as the coach has him batting 2nd. Boy Wonder calmly approached homeplate, took a deep breath and smacked the snot out of the ball and WHOOOOOOOOOOSH....far over the deep left center fence...never to be seen again!

Funniest thing is; he never tries to hit a homer, it just happens. He just has incredible strength. Of course the fact that he goes to the batting cages at least 1x a week once spring begins doesn't hurt. Next year he will move up to intermediate level. I am not sure how that field differs (size) from the one he currently plays on. He also plans to play for his Middel School team next year.

I am one very proud momma!