Friday, April 18, 2008

The New Madrid Fault is Alive and Well....

So this morning, waaaay before my alarm was to go off I was awakened - - - suddenly.

Nothing like a bit of fear to start the day off!!!! The whole house was shaking, windows rattling, bed rumbling on the wood floor. It lasted over 30 seconds. I lay there wondering WTF was that? After I could breathe, I looked out my window to see if there was a wind storm or tornado... SOMETHING to explain what happened. Nothing outside. All calm, even saw a rabbit hopping along between our house and the neighbors house.
Well hell... I was awake sense in even trying to doze off til the alarm goes off. I go downstairs, the dog is staring at me; as if to say , "what was THAT?" I turn on the radio, start the coffee....then I hear ...."well it seems that we just had an earthquake."


Uhhhh, yep. 5.2 on the richter scale. Epicenter was West Salem, IL.
The New Madrid Fault is the reason.

Effin' crazy is all I am sayin.
I know, I know... CA has them all the time; but this was my first earthquake experience, so humor me people.