Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Been Crafting My Sweet Ass Off

Ahh the Holiday rush! Make items for order, make items for gifts, make items for stocking stuffers, make items, make items, make items. It's a good thing I dig knitting and crochet! :) Who am I kidding? I love it! If I didn't, I damn sure wouldn't spend so much time doing it.

I made some great fingerless mitts with a mitten flip top for one of friends that she requested. She couldn't find what she was seeking in the stores, so she came to me to make it! Pretty awesome. Having never done individual glove fingers, even half fingers, I tried to talk her into a flip top mitt. She *really* wanted half fingers. This was out of my comfort zone. Half fingers seemed like such a pain in the ass. It's a good thing I like her! I also knit a 3/4 thumb, leaving just the tip exposed for important texting. She loved them, and I added a new skill to my knitting arsenal.

There has also been a wonderfully soft and LONG scarf/stole made for Boy Wonder's girlfriend. It is so very long. I did an extra pattern repeat. This way she can wrap it numerous times or leave it long to the ground. It was his decision for me to make her something, he picked the pattern as well as the yarn and colors. He is such a thoughtful boy, his momma raised him right! He went with something that his GF would love as far as color and style. She is a wonderful young lady and has her own style. She is an individual, much like Boy Wonder. Not crowd followers.

Other items are crochet 'toys'. Penguin, owl and eyeballs. No photos taken yet, still in progress. The eyeballs will be stocking stuffers. Everyone will get one to match their own eye color. Family tradition of eyeballs in stockings. Yep, we're strange.