Saturday, March 07, 2009

Yarn in the Mail!

Any day is a good day when there is yarn in the mail!
Third month's installment arrived yesterday... it is the green one.
In the photo.... February....January....March

Soooo soft and squishy!!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ready for Winter to be Over

Yes, I said it! As much as I like winter, I am ready for it to be gone. Especially after all the storms we have had. Jan 27th brought snow, and lots of it...then it also brought ICE. I could have done without the ice. Even though it sure was pretty to look at.

The snow storm came and brought with it an ice storm. Which left a couple inches of ice on everything! Needless to say the trees and power lines could not stand the added weight and snapped! Leaving us without power and more importantly… HEAT! We hunkered down in the one room with a fireplace. Day 5 and the house at 40 degrees, with sub zero temps coming; I wondered how much longer the firewood would last and if I would be able to keep the kids and pets warm. Thankfully day 5 around noon the power was back on!

The next week brought a high winds storm. 30-40 MPH with 65 MPH gusts…just enough to knock whatever the ice hadn’t and with the water drenched grounds, whole trees toppled over. We only lost power for a couple hours this time! Sheeeesh!

The kids and I did some yard clean up after a neighbor was kind enough to cut the HUGE limbs into carry size chunks. It took a couple of days, but most of it has been dragged out to the front curbside. Supposedly, the town is going to have debris collection. I hope so! No truck here, so if they don’t come get it from the curb…that’s where it will stay. :)

Of course I have been busy taking the kids to all their practices and activities! Teen Queen has practice 6 days a week lasting 3-4 hours. Boy Wonder has practice 2-3 times a week. Thank goodness for our Hybrid car!!!

The school year will be ending later this year due to all the days we missed. We missed a week of school in Aug/Sept due to the hurricane...yes, you read that correctly... hurricane in KY! We missed another 5 days or so due to the snow and ice storm that wiped out power in over 300,000 homes and businesses. While the roads were clear for travel, no one could very well send their kids to school when the school's have no power or heat! It's looking like the first week of June will be our last week. Unless, of course we have another severe weather issue!

Knitting and yarnie stuffs~ I made and sent off 2 more pairs of team knit Socks for Soldiers. I have made a couple pairs of leisure socks and a gazillion washcloths. Also moving right along on my Mystic Star Lace Shawl. I am on the last clue, which has a squigillion stitches, so each round takes quite a while. It will be stunning once it is complete!

Boxes are being sent off to Rambo at the rate of about one a week. I try to have on on the kitchen counter in progress at all times. He enjoys the little stuffs from home as well as the necessity stuff, like soap. :) Of course, you do know he gets some handmade washcloths too!!!

Yarnie happiness in the mail....2nd edition in the 3 month club from always if you like yarn or want to send ME yarn, go check out her EtsyShoppe!