Tuesday, February 12, 2008

**Knit ** Knit** Knit**

Wonder what The Wicked Witch, errr Stitch of KY has been up to?

I have worked on my SotSii. Sadly, not enough progress for a photo op. This week though for sure! For some reason I just move right along once I get going on this pattern. Feels very natural.

I *just finished* my STR January sock club kit. Literally, just finished my pair today!!! LUURRRVE them, everything... Love the yarn, love the pattern. Photos will be posted to my blog and the Ravelry group tomorrow. Daylight for phototaking...maybe in the fresh snow that fell last night?!

The very best thing about these socks is they are the first pair that I have made and AM KEEPING FOR MYSELF! :o) *happy sock knitters dance*