Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Nephews Ghan Completed in 3 Days

Every year my 3 nephews get a birthday ghan from me; their "Auntie". These are the sons of my best friend since age 12. Both she and I have created our own families, believing that friends make the best families; since our bio families are teeny tiny.

This Nephew's Bday is in August... here is this year's Bday Ghan! (done early I might add) Typically, they are received late due to the time in creating the ghan.

bradys 2008 ghan

It is the Sand & Sea Afghan from Quick-Stitch Crochet book. Instead of using taupe yarn for the sand, I used Claret. Many of the ghans I make for them are Americana in color. This was a better color choice for the intent.

I enjoyed this pattern so much that I plan to make other color combos for other family members. It was an easy pattern to memorize. Which for me was GREAT! I am always taking yarn and hook/needles out and about while at baseball parks and softball tournaments. In fact, I completed this baby in THREE days! *GRIN*