Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ahhhh... 2008 The Year of Shawls and Socks

Well, at least for this crafter it will be! Of course, the added birthday ghan or odd ball item tossed in just for fun and to mix it up a little. ;o)

So many Shawl Kals....
Currently on the needles are The Civil War Shawl KAL and The SotSii KAL.
Soon to begin are the Mystic Light KAL and Mystery Shawl 6.
sots2 clue 2
The CWS..Why does everyone ask if I am working on a hat?
civil war shawl row 76

Apparently... I also have a new found affinity for SOCKS! Go figure. Last year I learned the Magic Loop method and I am hooked. No more DPNs for this crafty Goddess...it's magic loop all the way baby. Last year, I was a happy member of the Yarn4Socks Sock Club. Now keep in mind that when I say "member"; what I ACTUALLY mean is that I received the yarn and pattern. Nope... I never did complete one single pair of socks from that club. Though, I did and do love the sock yarn I happily added to my stash! (wickedly evil grin)

This year, Rambo Husband gifted me a Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin Sock Club Membership. I am happy to announce that I am well on my way to completing January's Edition!
rockin sock club spoiler alert 2
Hahahah, bet you thought I was gona show ya. Check out my "Flickr Me Baby" widget for more pics.

I also have lingering on my table, the January edition from Harmony Semi Solid Sock Yarn club... taking my time to find a pattern to showcase this beautiful yarn. Last but not least ... yesterday, the mailman brought me even MORE sock yarn!!! That's right....Yarn4Socks February edition!

Woot! I plan on being up to my eyeballs in sock yarny goodness! You can clearly see why I said this would be the year of Shawl and Sock knitting for me. :o)

It's all good! Being the Mom Chauffer that I am...with carpooling the kids to and from school, back and forth to baseball and softball practices, as well as to and from games and tournaments; I will have plenty of sock knitting time on my hands.

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Nautical Knitter said...

It is such a blast having you in the knit a longs! Keep up the good work...