Monday, March 03, 2008

Better to blog with no pictures or not blog at all?

Me??? I choose to not blog at all. After all, what fun is it without photos?

I have been steadily chugging along on my SotS2. Almost done with hint 3, I am SO behind.

I have completed Nephew #3's birthday ghan! Pattern here

starghan for Nephew #3

Along with a dandy lil handmade tag! I am sure the next few tags will come out better, but not too shabby for my very first attempt! I learned this nifty how to from Futuregirl's tutorial. She totally kicks ass!

handmade label

I have found and received the most perfect yarn for the Mystic Light KAL beginning later this month. It is from BMFA, Socks that Rock in Rhode Island Red.

BMFA STR Rhode Island Red

That's about it! No progress pics of the Y4S Crystalline socks, or SotS2. Heck, I have yet to even cast on for MS7 with Goddess Knits! *bad Knitter*

Here is the sky this morning around 7am! Yesterday was 65 degrees, today it was 71 and the wind kicked up to bring clouds and rain for this evening. I thought the sky was so pretty, that I just had to snap a pic before taking my daughter to school.

March morning sky2


CraftyGryphon said...

1. That's a lovely blanket - I should do one for my dad (retired Army).

2. You're not all that far behind - I just finished Hint #3 TODAY. And I'm going to have to frog what I've done of #4, because I went horribly wrong somewhere around row 199.

3. Gorgeous picture of the sunrise, thanks for sharing!

Marmee said...

I just found your blog through Ravelry. I love the picture of the sunrise, thank you for sharing. Your knitting and crocheting are beautiful.