Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Weather Advisory my Ass

What a HUGE disappointment! All the weather stations told of forecast wintry mix, lots of ice and snow...not even a school delay, let alone snow day. Bummer. What we did get was some cold temps and slickery wet roads. boooo-hissssss!

While waiting for SNOW, I did complete a few items!
For your viewing pleasure...

Flip Top Mittens for Boy Wonder~
Teen Queen has decided that she also needs a pair! Apparently, they are quite a hit. Even Boy Wonder says that kids at school are liking them and are jealous of his kickin flippin mitts!

More Socks for Soldiers, Inc socks!~
These are actually Team Knit with a CSM knitter from TX. She made the legs on her machine and I hand knit the heel, foot and toe. In fact I completed 2 pairs of these and they have been shipped out!

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Mossback Meadow said...

Hi! Visiting from Socks for Soldiers. I'm working on my first pair and am thrilled to see photos of your completed socks - they look really nice.
Interesting to read that you're married to a Rambo. I wonder how that life has been for you. My son is leaving for basic training on Tuesday - he's signed on to be infantry/airborne/RIP.