Thursday, April 15, 2010

Painfully Behind

No, not a pain *in* the behind...

I really need to update this thing on a more regular basis. I am so tired of trying to play catch-up. I did however finally change the colors to something a little more spring like, instead of the wintery cool blues color scheme. Hey, it's a start!

More to come, including photos of FO's!


Robin said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my Friends post on my blog :) I am following you blog now so you need to update it :) I do mine from my blackberry, much easier to do.
And I am very grateful for blackberry and Raverly friends, they are all I have .. at least we all have something in common.

WickedStitch said...

Oh, now I have pressure to update my blog! Thanks Robin! :) LOL
It has fallen pathetically behind. How do you do it from the BlackBerry? Show me oh wise one of the BB!