Thursday, September 09, 2010

A Brisk *Almost Autumn* Morning to You!

Almost Autumn! My absolute FAVORITE season and time of year!!! LOVE IT!

Technically, this year Mabon falls on September 23rd. For the non-pagan types, equinox is an astronomical point and varies slightly year to year due to the Earth's wobble on it's axis.

In any case, no matter how you look at it, it will be Fall before we know it. Time for apple picking, pumpkins on the front porch, leaves falling from the trees, warm autumn days and cool, crisp nights, the smell of a fire and the crunch of wonderfully colorful leaves underfoot.

I love a day when the leaves are falling from their branches as I drive down the winding roads with my sunroof open and they fall right into my car. I am sure that for most people, they use their sunroof during the summer. Not me! Autumn is the time of year when my sunroof gets the most use ever!

I can finally post some knitting now, since the gifties have been mailed out! Items are linked to my Ravelry Project pages if you want the deets.

Hemlock Green Azzu: a shawlette/neckerchief type item

while blocking


Seaside Morning Frost Wrap: stole/wrap/scarf item

both wraps side by side

Lilac Limolicious Baby Ghan: still to be sent. Made with baby melting acrylic of course! Super durable and ultra washable with little added effort for the new momma. Ghan has been properly 'killed' for a more natural drape. :)

The Swing Set socks from the May edition of the BMFA Rockin Sock Club are still only 50% complete. One sock wonder that I am, just have not been motivated to get the mate done. July's pattern and yarn are sitting nearby waiting to be fondled properly. Before I know it, September's shipment will arrive! Woe is me, so much yarn and so little time. *wicked grin*

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