Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mid July...le sigh

It's mid July. I am not a summer person, not by a long shot. I hate how hot and humid it is before 10 am. It is so hot, which makes it no fun for me to outside in that weather. Which also makes it no fun for any poor soul who happens to be with me or within ear shot of my incessant bitching of "how damn hot it is out here". In the evening, a human could easily be eaten alive by the bugs. Ick, no thank you! I do however, quite enjoy the passing thunderstorms.

Up til now, I have not had to spend much time out in the yard. Mainly due to the fact that we are usually at the ballpark, in the car or at some training facility or sleeping. My next door neighbor has been ever so kind to be taking care of the lawn mowing while Rambo is deployed. It is so nice to not have to wonder when I would be able to get around to mowing said lawn. Although, I think he may secretly just want to mow. He mows the lawn at least twice a week. He also probably doesn't want my shabby overgrown field of wild grasses to be next to his well manicured lawn. Whatever his motive may be, I am ever so appreciative! I am even in the process of making him a Thank You Ghan, in patriotic colors.

Unable to sleep more than a few hours the past few days, this morning I decided I would tidy up the back patio/porch area. *hindsight...what the hell was I thinking* Headed out there, swept up, moved a few things around, pounded the chair cushions and thought a good pass with the power washer would really be nice. That was until the damn thing decided not to work for me. Arrrgh! WHY!?!? After my fit, I turn to other projects...like mind wandering....

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT HUGE PLANT?!?!? Why is it so huge...it must be a WEED...or better yet...it kinda resembles poison sumac! Oh CRAP...if it is poison sumac, how the hell am I gonna get rid of it without being overcome with itchy rashes?"

Upon further inspection of the grounds around the porch/patio area...I notice that this HUGE plant has a couple relatives nearby...

Any of you out there who can label this plant? If it is poison sumac, how do I get rid of it without becoming one huge itch?

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