Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have fallen......(photo heavy)

Clearly, I have fallen behind on my blog updates! These months that Rambo was deployed have been filled with insanity, softball, baseball, home disasters and so much more. I am sure I have more than likely blocked alot out, as a self defensive mechanism. :) That's my story, and I am sticking to it!

Happily, Rambo is home safe and sound. Perhaps another deployment in a couple years, that seems to be our pattern.

I have of course been crafting mad to keep what little is left of my marbles. Since I have not posted since mid July... we have some catching up to do! Just look at my FO and WIPs list for 2009 in the sidebar! Lots of photos follow. The Item titles are linked to my Ravelry project pages, if you want more detailed info.

Hopefully it won't be another 4 months til I update again!


Mystic Star Shawl

Mystic Star

Helena Baby Cardi

Helena Baby Cardi

The Happy Recipient~a youtube video that her parents made. :)

Watery River Rapids Socks


Lime Lelah Top

Lime Lelah Top

Bridal Bag Mock Up

bridal bag mock up3

John Deere Tractor Pillow

John Deere Pillow to go with JD Ghan

John Deere Baby Ghan

JD baby ghan

Beaded Bridal Bag

Beaded Bridal Bag1

Lacy Bridal Bag

Bridal Lacy Bag2

Sassy Susan Socks

Sassy Susan Socks

Wicked Wisp Scarf

Wisp love that there is no wrong side

Jaywalker Socks

jaywalkers complete

Rambo's Hat

Hat Complete

Autumn Ampersand Socks

ampersand Socks complete

Socktober Mystery Sock 09

TTL 09 Mystery Socks 5

One Skein Charity Scarf


One Row Charity Scarf


Plain and Simple Charity Scarf


WHEW! I have been a yarn tangled mess! No photos yet of the Red Hot Socks, The Spicy Ampersands, or the Test Knit.


shortoldlady said...

WOW - what lovely finishes! My nephew would love those John Deere items! Do they actually make a yarn in the actual green color?? And those autumn ampersand socks - just beautiful. A job well done!

Jackie The Fiber Goddess said...

Just love all the pictures of the items you made. They are just beautiful. Love the clip of the baby and the new sweater. I am in the process of knitting the bridal bag now and I have made several of the hat that you made for Rambo. You have a grand day!

CraftyGryphon said...

Wow!! You weren't kidding about photo-heavy, but I'm really glad you posted it all. Lovely, lovely things you've made!!

Sara said...

Wowzers you've been busy!