Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer ...What an Ass-Kicker!

The weather and temps were INSANE! We even broke a record set back in 1901 for the most consecutive days over 90. It was over 100 more times than I care to count, so by the time the weather broke for a bit and gave us a couple days in the 80's, it felt like a dream. I despise hot humid weather, so to hear me say 80's was pleasant...you know it had to be bad!

A summer filled with ballparks, both baseball and softball. We even went to FL for softball world series again. Magic came in 3rd out of 25 teams. Not too shabby at all. I was busy crafting when not snapping off THOUSANDS of action shots.

Before we knew it, out so called summer was over and school was about to begin. One's summer flies by when end of school is late June and you are starting the next school year the second week of August.

I was crafty and in my quest for 11 projects in 2011....I have completed it! LSG11TY for me is done.

Last I updated I was at #8. Here are the items I recall making and remembering to actually take photos of. I attempted a few items, but they wound up in the frog pond. Like this little gem for instance....

That would be Isabella tank made from DIC SMOOSHY yarn. I LOVE the yarn. I followed the pattern to a T, making the measured size to ensure it would be large enough for my bodacious ta-tas. I blocked the pieces then seamed them together and hemmed the eyelet border at the bottom. I tried the damn thing on before adding the sleeves and it fits perfectly at the bust line and the hem falls right where I like my tops to be....one problem. The arm holes are SO BIG that no matter how I try when I add the cap sleeves...there is side boob viewing. NO THANK YOU! If I try to add longer sleeves, well it just looks dumb. The arm hole openings are so big that basically, I end up with sleeve seam mid boob. I have racked my brain to try to make this a doable project and with a wearable result. However, it's awaiting the frog pond. It will be a pain in the ass to frog, being that it's all seamed and basically FINISHED. *ugh*

In any case...here are the photo worthy and completed projects for my 11ty.

#9 Intrepid Socks

Project info
Intrepid Socks
Intrepid Traveler by Gail Marracci

Needle and yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
1 skeins = 360.0 yards (329.2m)
Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
#10 Susan's Sunshiny Intrepid Socks

Project info
Susan's Sunshiny Intrepid Socks
Intrepid Traveler by Gail Marracci

#11 Nifty Crochet Sponges

Project info
Nifty Crochet Sponges
Crochet Dish Sponge by Krysten Lewelling

I made a few of these of various leftover cotton I had from making dishcloths. Now I have dishcloths with matching sponges! :) These things are GREAT!!! I will never go back to using store bought stinky sponges.

#12 Baby Kicking Bag

Project info
S&F January Baby Kicking Bag
Needle and yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
2 skeins = 332.0 yards (303.6m)
Krazy Stripes
#13 Sweet Ass Steam Mop Pad

Project info
Sweet Ass Steam Mop Pad
Crochet Biffer Shrug by Krysten Lewelling

I whipped this up in one evening watching tv with the family. I am sure the ‘ruffly’ portion in top photo will shrink up when I wash the pad. The texture on this is fabulous and I am sure it will do a bang up job on my floors!

I did not follow the directions as far as stitch count. I drew a template of my shark steam mop head by tracing it on paper and hooked stitches til I got to the correct size. Be creative!

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