Friday, February 01, 2013

Still Crafty After All This Time!

Pathetic catch up post in November 2012.  Now FEBRUARY 1st 2013! Time to liven things up around here! So much has been going on, life in general.  Boy Wonder does in fact have his driving permit and has been racking up his mandatory driving hours before he is able to take his road test in June or July. I have to say, he is doing very well! I believe I have only gripped the arm rest in fear for my life one time.

We ventured out on our annual family pumpkin picking adventure at Huber's Farm.  

First semester at college was not Teen Queen's friend.  What with living away from home for the first time, being 6 hours away, mean girl drama with roommate, team issues etc. It was all just a bit too much for her to deal with. Thinking she could tackle it on her own didn't work out in her favor.  I think she was mainly heart broken about the Coaches who recruited her last year did not have their contracts renewed. The coaches who recruited her for a certain position and told her that she would be a four year starter, were no longer there and the search for a new coaching staff was on.  This would have been nice to know!  Eventually a new coach was hired.  He brought with him some of his own recruits.  It was later found out that he didn't have much stock in the team chosen by the previous coaches and he was going to clean house.  Needless to say one of the position players he brought with him was taking Teen Queen's position. She knew that she would never see the light of day starting, I think this is what tore her apart most. Add to that mean girl ridiculous DRAMA from roommate and you have a shitty semester. Thankfully, TQ is an awesome athlete and has had awesome grades in the past...enter a new coach from another school to save the day! This coach believed in TQ enough to offer her a chance to prove herself this next semester. If all works out, she will have as close to a full ride as a softball player can get! (everything except room and board) Which is more than she was getting at the previous college!  This makes for a happy TQ as well as a happy momma and daddy.

We've had pipes burst between floors in the house. Which is always fun! While I was able to get the plumbers out to tear holes in ceiling and repair the pipes, I have yet to repair the holes made by said plumbers.  At some point I am going to have to learn how to patch drywall in ceiling and texture ceiling as well as I can to 'match' then repaint entire ceiling. Sounds like a party...not so much. Not at all.

Rambo had kidney surgery that didn't work. Went to ER and then spent 3 days in the hospital and had yet another surgery.  Nothing like spending your birthday in a hospital bed!

Through everything I knit and crochet, knit and crochet. I think it helps to keep me somewhat sane. I am not the most sane person in the world, so could you even imagine me without crafting?! o_O

Let's see....

One Row Scarf

Wicked Wurm Hat
Sixty Cables Hat

Diagonal Roll Tide Scarf

3 Pairs of Nola Slippers for Gifts

Intrepid Traveler Socks

Wickedly Ribbed Hat

Vanilla Latte Socks  (WIP)

Another Granny Stripe Blanket (WIP)

Along with t hese 2 WIPS, I am also working on a CAL over at HOOKEY; Maven's Mystery CAL. These things ought to keep my insanity levels down while we venture into the new year!

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