Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Haven't Fallen Off This Little Blue Planet...yet

While off -season training had been going on all fall and winter, February brought tryouts, followed by March, April and May game season. With Teen Queen away at college, we only had one athletic schedule to follow. WHEW! What a difference it makes. Not having to rush from one field or one venue to another sometimes within the same hour. No more missing one kid's game to go see the other one. No more multi colored coordinated calendar for games, practices and tournaments. Finally, I could go to one game and stay for the entire thing, without having to worry about what the other one was doing or if it was time for me to leave so I could go pick the other one up. To celebrate this, I took game photos and action shots.

Of course there are many, many MANY more. Which can be seen on my Flickr if you feel the need to go check them out. Boy Wonder had a good season and while we would have appreciated the coaching staff pulling their heads out from where ever they had them stuck...all in all it was ok. 

Once the icy weather had passed and it was becoming more spring like outside, not only was it baseball time, but it was also time for FISHIN'! 

May brought Teen Queen home for about 10 days. This was after her team had won their state championship and traveled to Utah to take part in the Nationals...which they won! TQ has a couple of super bowl sized champion rings coming her way. While most of her peers were coming home for the entire summer, she was home only for a brief moment. Smartly, she decided to attend summer semester to make up for the FUBAR'd first semester at the other school. Grampa came to visit while both kids were home for a bit and we took in a couple local Triple A games! This family loves their baseball!!!

June was the end of Sophomore year for Boy Wonder and the start of summer ball. We learn of a prospect baseball site with showcases and we find a FUN travel team interested in Boy Wonder. After the school season and BS we had dealt with, it was important that we find something that made baseball fun again. You know it's rough, when a kid who has only had baseball on his mind since he could walk begins to second guess his choices. FYI, this does NOT make for a happy Rambo Dad and Witch Momma!!!

July brought more of the same with fun travel ball tournaments. 

July was ROAD TEST month!!! After logging all of the practice hours and teaching him everything he needed to know to be prepared to take this test, it was time. I had successfully taught Teen Queen and now it was Boy Wonder's turn. We showed up a little early, and they asked if he was ready he goes!

Both kids are now licensed drivers! I am a damn fine driving teacher. Rambo had said all along there was no way he would do it. Heck he even sat in the backseat a few times during TQ's lessons and held on for dear life. He was a bit more secure when it came time for BW. Not sure if it was because BW was a better driver, or if Rambo had been broken by TQ's driving and it just didn't matter anymore! HAH! 

July was another travel ball tournament which brought Boy Wonder his first home run of the year! ... and also his second.  :)  After that it was time to hit the road for some more baseball orientated festivities. Up to Cooperstown for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Then onto NH for Catching Camp! It was a great time and far too many photos to share here!!! Once the 4 day camp was done we set on our way home. Of course we had to swing through CT and visit my old hometown.

August brought another prospect recruiting site/biz showcase. It was a VERY busy but fun summer with A LOT of miles and hours of driving. It's a good thing I like to drive! August also meant the end of our summer and the start of another school year. JUNIOR YEAR! 

With all of this baseballin', fishing and driving it's a wonder I managed to get any yarn craftiness done!  Socks are a great on the go project. Plus side, at least my feet will be toasty this winter! 

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