Sunday, August 03, 2008

Family Downsizes from SUV to Hybrid...

Here is my gushing on RoofBag. In fact, this is the 'testimonial' email I have sent to the company.

These day's easy to find a company or person to gripe or bitch about; they are EVERYWHERE!!! People have lost their manners, as well as their sense of accountability. I often bitch about these bufoons in my daily life. When one comes across a company which has shown excellence in customer service as well as offering a great product at an affordable price...well it's brag time baby!

my letter:
For the past 8 years or so I have either had a van or an SUV. Having extra space for road trips was never an issue for this family. This past March we traded in our Chevy Trailblazer LT 4x4 for a Toyota Camry Hybrid. We knew we would lose extra space, but the savings at the pump would be worth it.

In July we had a road trip to FL for Fastpitch World Series. Quickly my thoughts went to lack of space and how to get a family of four, ten days worth of belongings per person, pillows, towels, blankets as well as our daughter’s gear bag. Being a catcher her bat bag is jam packed with catchers gear, bats, mitts etc. Her bag alone takes up a good portion of the trunk. One thought was to unload her bag and pack it all individually into the trunk, then place everything else on top. Would that give us enough space, without having to flood the kids with stuff crammed into every nook in the backseat? Another thought was a roof top carrier. We used to have a hard shell carrier when we owned the Trailblazer; but now no roofrack, and on a HYBRID!?!?
I quickly went to one of the Hybrid forums I belong; to ask if anyone had traveled with a rooftop carrier on their hybrids, how it worked out and what kind of soft carrier did they use. Most of the carriers talked about, when more info was found by taking a good close look, are made for and recommended for use *with a rack*. This posed an issue for me, as I did not like the thought of using a bag not made for use without rack and having my family’s belongings scatter all over the interstate!

A quick search online brought ROOF BAG to my attention. Specifically, for use with or WITHOUT a rack! After browsing your site and all of your products, I knew I had found what we needed. Now the question was which size and would it get here in time? I sent off and email to inquire about which size would be best for my car. To my amazement, a reply was sent 2 hours later with advice and size recommendation. WOW! Now that’s service! I placed my order immediately, knowing that we would be on the road in 2 days. I ordered the 11 cu ft CrossCountry in gray, storage pouch, protective mat and set of 3 duffle bags. Even with overnight shipping the cost was far cheaper than most hardshell carriers on the market. offers a large variety of shipping options.

Happily, my order arrived on time as stated online. When it came time to pack, it was a breeze. The duffle bags made loading and unloading quick and easy. It was super simple to attach and load onto the car. The kids loved that they actually had space in the backseat and did not have to be squished for an 11+ hour trip!

The RoofBag did not shift once during the trip. It’s ability to not shift was put to the test, when wildlife crossed our path late at night and dodging and hard braking became necessary. It was also completely waterproof, as I drove through quite a few rain/thunder storms during the trip.
The fact that once we reached our destination, we removed the RoofBag and folded it into it’s little drawstring storage bag and tossed it into our trunk is an added bonus. As we drove around the ballparks and surrounding areas for the next week; I saw many roadtrippers driving around with their hard shell carriers still attached to their vehicles. This left me feeling pretty smug for having RoofBag.

We are super happy with the customer service as well as our RoofBag! You can bet that we will be recommending this to everyone! Thank you for offering such an amazing product at such an affordable price!!!

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