Sunday, August 03, 2008

Second part of road tripping with Wicked...

July 19th -22nd

After the softball games were done and our team was out it was time to get things packed up and ready to head on out the door in the morning.

checkout of condo.... so long beach

I did not sleep very well. I am pretty sure it was due to knowing full well the weirdness we had to next encounter. The weirdness, of which I speak; is going to my mother's place. Since moving to FL in 1990 (I think it is) she has not left the state. Well, ok she did come to GA for our wedding in 92 and to NC in 94 to see Teen Queen at a couple days old...but other than that? NO WAY, NO HOW! Not even when there are statewide evacuations for hurricanes!!! They have never been to our current home of 12 or so years, last saw Teen Queen at less than 1 yr old and have never met Boy Wonder.

The relationship between my mother and I is an odd one to say the least. We are not close but not fully estranged either. I have a deep respect for my mother and how she ever managed to raise my sister and I alone is amazing. While I don't agree with how she did some things raising us, she did the best she could with what she had. After having my own kids, I found out that they do not pop on outta there with little how to manuals! I also learned that some things that I may not agree with helped to make me who I am today. Which I am pretty cool with who I am and how I turned out. I have to add that my making conscious choices to change certain behaviors and things in my life have added to my ultimate cooooolness.

My sister on the other hand...well we won't get into that! Suffice it to say that some things you just cannot make up.

At 9am we packed up the car and were heading the 1 hour to mother’s.
My mother… to describe? She has not changed at all with the exception of a couple more wrinkles and has darkened her hair. She still has the same basic hairstyle she has had forever; she likes her some big ole hair with lots of spray. She still has super long nails, still wears short skirts, as well as tops to showcase the ta tas, still tan and she still wears heels 24/7. Bob is still Bob, just older and shaggier. Back in the day, he did not have facial hair. They are a cute couple, she is still hot stuff and he is still dapper. They have a dog, a miniature pinscher, Max. Max was not fond of having guests in his lil world. oh yeah, and he isn't very fond of cameras either!

Everyone had a good visit. They enjoyed seeing the grandkids and hearing about what they have been up to. The grandkids enjoyed meeting their Florida grandparents and seeing their place. I think their favorite place was on the dock. Years ago, the 'rents had a very large sailboat. I think it was something like a 46 ft Catalina. Which is why they bought the condo they did with it's own dock.

and one of my favorite photos

After a couple days, it was time for us to get back on the road and on our way home.

Family Photo Op...get it while the gettin' is good!

The main purpose for the visit, since we were down that way; was to pick up some family furniture. They are downsizing, realizing that they do not need 2 guest rooms, they are turning one into an office/exercise room. I inherited my mother's 1940' solid maple bedroom suite, an antique tea table, drop leaf table and a couple boxes of antique glassware. They were considering giving/selling it to strangers. HELL NO! That's MY family stuff. Stuff that I grew up with, stuff that should be handed down; not sold off to someone who has no bond to it.

The uhaul place did not have the smaller truck that would have more suited our needs, so we had to go larger... not only cost us more to rent, but every 200 miles Rambo would stop to put gas in it… $85.00. It’s a 700 or so mile trip. That’s a lot of gas! Especially considering that the Hybrid Camry only took one tank of gas enroute. Started with a fullish tank and had to fill it one time on the road. $42.00 SWEEET!

Rambo and Boy Wonder back there in the Uhauler

Teen Queen Making the Most of Having Whole Back Seat to Herself

yes I took it while driving!

Got home just after midnight I think...have to get up early to meet with principal at desired choice of high school for Teen Queen....

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