Sunday, August 03, 2008

Last Roadtripping with Wicked...the IA edition

July 24th-28th

Ok, so home for like 2 days and it's time to pack it up and head on out again!

This time to IOWA! It's time for our annual golf open, which we unfortunately we do not get to every year. This year, however we are so there!

Uncle Leo: Where's my eff-ing ball? It is insanity at it's best! Tons of people come to take part in the golf open. They all golf, drink, and have dinner afterwards. It's not just family either, it's the locals who all know my father in law and family out there. We make no money off it. The proceeds are barely enough to cover the greens fees, cart rentals, bar tab and food. It's all just for fun!

This year Boy Wonder wanted to golf. This would be his first time out on a course. He has been to the driving range a few times. Teen Queen was my golf cart chauffeur for the day. She just drove around behind them as I worked on a crochet bday ghan. Many people were amazed that this was Boy Wonder's first time on the course. He was often out driving the men on his team.

It was a beautiful but long day out there.

Sunday the kids wanted to go fishing. They had gotten 'hooked' on it a couple of years ago when we all went down to the creek not too far from the old farmhouse in IA. Nothing too strenuous, just bluegill, the occasional catfish, and sunfish. Usually bring a couple back to the house to feed to the farmcats. I was feeling artsy with the camera.

Monday it was time to get back in the car and head back home...9 hours.

It is amazing to me that after all that car riding time that my poor car was not smelling like all kinds of ass!

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